Magento v1.4.1.1 - 总计的运费增加了一倍(Magento v1.4.1.1 - Shipping cost doubled in Grand Total)

我正在运行Magento v1.4.1.1,并且购物车页面上的总计和结账时的运费增加了一倍。


我搜索了Magento论坛,发现其他人也遇到了同样的问题。 不幸的是,没有解决方案的回复。


I'm running Magento v1.4.1.1 and the shipping cost is being doubled in the Grand Total on the shopping cart page as well as within checkout.

This happens regardless of whether tax is involved or not and regardless of shipping method (i.e. flat rate, FedEx, UPS).

I have searched the Magento forums and found that others are having the same problem. Unfortunately there are no replies with a resolution.

Would anyone here happen to know the cause or how to resolve this issue?





An installed module caused a conflict and thus the problem. Once the module was updated the issue was resolved.