dba_transformations字典视图是否仅在您登录AS SYSDBA时可访问?(Is the dba_transformations dictionary view only accessible when you log in AS SYSDBA?)

我试图查询数据字典以查找有关数据库中转换的信息。 我给了我的用户DBA权限,所以我可以访问DBA_字典视图。 有了这个用户,我可以访问所有的DBA_视图而不会有任何问题,但是当我登录到AS SYSDBA时,似乎我只能访问DBA_TRANSFORMATIONS。 我是否缺少访问此视图的特权?

I'm trying to query the data dictionary to find information on the transformations in the database. I've given my user DBA privileges, so I can access the DBA_ dictionary views. With this user, I can access all the DBA_ views without issues, however it seems I can only access DBA_TRANSFORMATIONS when logged in AS SYSDBA. Am I missing a special privilege to access this view?




select * from sys.DBA_TRANSFORMATIONS;

DBA_TRANSFORMATIONS does not have a public synonym by default.

Try this:

select * from sys.DBA_TRANSFORMATIONS;