JavaFX桌面应用程序 - 与web服务的套接字通信(JavaFX desktop application - socket communication with web serivce)

我想开发一个具有实时数据刷新功能的简单桌面应用程序(在多个客户端上)。 是否有可能开发一个这样的应用程序,通过套接字与Web服务进行通信?


这样做的基本步骤是什么? 是否可以使用Spring WebSocket来做到这一点? 任何代码示例?

I want to develop a simple desktop application with real-time data refresh (on multiple clients). Is it possible to develop an application such as this that communicates with web service over sockets?

Here is what I wish to know:

What are the basic steps to do this? Is it possible to use Spring WebSocket to do this? Any code examples?


是的,您绝对可以使用Spring WebSocket在多个客户端上进行实时数据刷新。 当然,客户端和服务器都应该支持WebSocket协议。 要快速入门,请查看以下内容:

有关服务器和客户端选项的完整参考,请查看此处: http : // 特别是,它提供了何时使用它的简短讨论: http : //使用

Yes, you can definitely use Spring WebSocket for real-time data refresh on multiple clients. Of course, both client and server should support the WebSocket protocol. For quick start, take a look at the followed:

For full reference of both server and client options take a look here: In particular, it provides a short discussion on when to use it: