Drupal媒体库 - 文件上载库显示“没有可用文件”。(Drupal Media Library - File Upload Library shows “No files available.”)

我实际上是在运行某种奇怪的问题。 我安装了Media 7.x-2.x-alpha2。 我可以毫无问题地上传文件。 当我转到“admin / content / file”时,我会看到上传的文件。



我尝试更新到最新的开发版并检查权限,但任何看起来都很好。 我是用户1。


I am actualy running in some sort of strange problem. I installed Media 7.x-2.x-alpha2. I can upload files without any problems. When I go to "admin/content/file" I see the uploaded files.

Now comes the problem, when I want to add a image via the library dialog, while creating a new node, the box shows me "No files available.".

I checked the media browser view and the very strange is, that the files shows up in there

I tried updating to newest dev release and checked the permissions, but anything looks just fine. I am working as user 1.

Any idea about that?


可以通过删除视图选项中“查询设置”下的查询标记来解决此问题。 我不明白为什么,但删除后,一切正常。

The problem could be solved by removing the Query Tag under "Query settings" inside the view options. I have no idea why, but after removing it, anything works just fine.