Firefox Developer Edition - 无法在调试器中查看JavaScript文件(Firefox Developer Edition - unable to view JavaScript file in debugger)


我正在本地运行一个在Tomcat上运行的Spring MVC Web应用程序,并且能够在将路径显式放入浏览器地址栏时查看源代码。 然而,当试图通过JavaScript文件进行调试时,我得到一个“ 正在加载... ”指示器,并且该文件从未加载:


我对自己做错了不知所措。 任何帮助表示赞赏。

I am having trouble getting the new Firefox Developer Edition (Developer Tools) to show loaded source files in the debugger.

I am running a Spring MVC Web app running on Tomcat locally and am able to view the source fine when explicitly putting the path in the browsers address bar. However when trying to debug through javascript files I get a "Loading..." indicator and the file never loads:

Chrome Developer tools seems to be working for debugging and will load the files fine with the same setup.

I am at a loss at what I am doing wrong. Any help is appreciated.


这显然是DevTools中的一个错误。 检查问题是否仍然存在于Firefox Nightly中 。 如果它不存在,它可能已经修复。 否则,你应该提交一个错误报告,并尝试包含一个最小的测试用例。 在尝试打开源时,您还可以包括记录到浏览器控制台的任何相关错误(可以通过Ctrl + Shift + J或主菜单> Web开发人员 > 浏览器控制台打开)。

This is obviously a bug in the DevTools. Check if the issue is still present in Firefox Nightly. If it is not present there, it likely already got fixed. Otherwise you should file a bug report and try to include a minimal test case. You may also include any related errors logged to the Browser Console (can be opened via Ctrl+Shift+J or main menu > Web Developer > Browser Console) when trying to open the source.