Qt在Linux OS上访问Webcam而无需下载任何软件包(Qt Access Webcam on Linux OS without downloading any package)

我正在寻找一些链接/教程/示例来访问Linux OS上的我的网络摄像头而不下载任何软件包。


我试过OpenCv(在其他机器上有完整的操作系统版本),它对我来说很好,但它的包装超过100 Mb,在我的项目中,我无法承受这么大的空间。 此外,由于许多软件包已从此操作系统中删除(为了使其紧凑),我无法在我的机器上安装Opencv来测试它(因为它缺少依赖性)。





I am looking for some Links/Tutorials/Examples to Access my Webcam on Linux OS without downloading any packages.

Actually, I am working on a very compact OS (with already removed unnecessary packages).We are space conscious for this project.

I tried OpenCv (on other machine with full OS version) and it worked fine for me but its package is more than 100 Mb and in my project i cant afford that much space. Also, since many packages are already removed from this OS (to make it compact), I am unable to install Opencv on my machine to test it(Because of its missing dependencies).

So I wonder, Is there any other way to access webcam without downloading any packages??

Adding headers/files would be fine in my case.

Any help, suggestion would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


要在linux上捕获图像,无需下载任何重包,可以通过命令行使用“uvccapture”.UVCCAPTURE的大小为Kb。 并且两行代码可以捕获图像。


QProcess process process.execute(/usr/bin/uvccapture -v -m -o"test.jpg");

To capture image on linux, without downloading any heavy packages is possible through command line using "uvccapture".UVCCAPTURE is in Kb size. And The two line code can capture image.

for example:

QProcess process process.execute(/usr/bin/uvccapture -v -m -o"test.jpg");