qmake项目文件中TEMPLATE = aux的含义(Meaning of TEMPLATE=aux in a qmake project file)

这行是什么意思在qmake .pro文件中?


它没有记录 ,但似乎不会导致错误或任何现在我测试它,我已经看到它用于.pro。

What does this line mean in qmake .pro file?


It is not documented, but seems to not cause an error or anything now that I tested it, and I've seen it used in a .pro.


Google返回“ - Implemented”aux“模板,该模板允许使用INSTALLS变量而无需构建任何内容。需要使用QML入口点的项目。” 来自Digia的4.8发行说明 。

同样感兴趣的是: 添加此功能的补丁 。

Google returns "- Implemented "aux" template that allows making use of the INSTALLS variable without building anything. Needed for projects with QML entry point." From Digia's 4.8 release notes.

Also of interest: the patch which added this.