Adsense收益无效(Adsense Invalid Earning)

我有几个网站正在运行,我似乎无法找到哪个网站正在产生无效收入。 在报告中,它仅显示总无效收入。 有没有办法查看个别网站?

I have several website running and I can't seem to find which site is generating the invalid earning. On the reports it only shows the total invalid earning. Is there a way to view for individual websites?


不,那里没有。 但是,90%是用户点击不想要的广告,或者是用户体验不佳的用户。 逐个浏览您的广告,确保用户不会意外点击您的广告。 这样您就不会有任何无效收入。

No there is not. However 90% is users clicking on ads that did not want too, or users ending up with a bad experience. Go over your ads one by one and make sure that users do not accidentally click on your ads. This way you should not have any invalid earnings.