TFS更改git服务器目标(TFS Change git server destination)


问题是我的TFS服务器机器没有足够的空间用于我的所有源代码。 我可以配置TFS在另一台机器或磁盘中创建git存储库吗? 我在Team Foundation Server管理控制台中找不到这样做的选项。

I'm new with TFS and GIT and I'm trying to configure my server.

The problem is that my TFS server machine doesn't have enough space for all my source code. Can I configure TFS to create git repositories in another machine or disk? I don't find the option to do that in the Team Foundation Server Administration Console.


TFS只能处理存在于单个位置的存储库,您不能将Team Projects置于不同的物理位置。

TFS建立在2层: 应用程序数据 。 数据层(此时您关注的是该层)由MS SQL服务器处理。


在另一台具有更多空间的计算机上安装SQL Server,并在其中指向您的应用程序层。 然而,最好的世界是使用Visual Studio Online ,只要您有5个或更少的开发人员就可以免费使用,而且您不必担心存储空间。


TFS can only handle repositories that exist in a single location, you can't have Team Projects in different physical locations.

TFS is built on 2 tiers: Application and Data. The Data tier (which is the one you're concerned with at the moment) is handled by an MS SQL server.

You have 2 options:

Install SQL Server on another machine that has more space and point your Application tier there instead. The best of all worlds, however, would be to use Visual Studio Online, it's free as long as you have 5 or fewer developers, and you don't have to worry about storage space.

If you're using the free version of TFS, you may not be able to separate the Application and Data tiers (It's been a while since I've had it installed, so I can't remember exactly and my next suggestion makes it irrelevant anyway).