Cas Server 4.0.0本身是否具有LDAP服务器?(Does Cas Server 4.0.0 have LDAP server by itself or not?)

我一直致力于单点登录CAS系统,使用CAS LDAP将我的网络应用程序连接在一起。 但我是否必须使用开放式LDAP并使用我的CAS服务器进行配置,或者默认CAS服务器是否有内置的LDAP服务? 如果他们确实有我正在使用CAS服务器4.0.0,我正在寻找下面用逗号分隔的LDAP配置。 LDAP绑定DN,LDAP绑定密码,基本DN,用户名过滤器属性,搜索属性。 有人知道上述CAS LDAP配置必须填写的值吗?

I have been working on single sign on CAS system to connect my web apps together using CAS LDAP. But do i have to use open LDAP and configure it with my CAS server or by default CAS servers do have a built in LDAP services? If they do have I'm currently using CAS server 4.0.0 and I'm looking for LDAP configs separated below in commas. LDAP bind DN, LDAP bind password, Base DN, Username filter attribute, Search attributes. Does anybody knows the value must be filled for the above CAS LDAP configuration?



There is no built-in LDAP server in CAS.