Erlang的虚拟环境[关闭](Virtual Environment for Erlang [closed])

我想学习Erlang和Elixir。 我已经将virtualenvwrapper用于我的Django项目,也用于NodeJS并发现它非常有用。

如果可能的话,我想用它来进行Erlang测试。 我搜索了PyPI并谷歌搜索解决方案并没有找到太多信息...我找到了一个elixir版本管理器,exenv。 和envirius和kerl为erlang。

想了解您对这些经理的看法吗? 或者如果我错过了一个更好的...



I want to learn Erlang and maybe Elixir. I have used virtualenvwrapper for my Django projects, and also for NodeJS and find it very useful.

I would like to use it my Erlang test if possible. I have searched PyPI and google it for a solution and not found much info... I have found a elixir version manager, exenv. And envirius and kerl for erlang.

Would like to know your opinion on these managers? Or if I missed a better one...


What options we have for a virtual environment in Erlang?


为什么你需要Erlang / Elixir的虚拟环境,你试着用它解决什么? 在我看来,Python中的virtualenv用于从系统级别分离系统级python库。 这在Erlang / Elixir中不是问题,因为项目的行为类似于“virtualenv”,并且rebar或mix安装依赖项。

Why do you need virtual environment for Erlang/Elixir, what you try to solve with it? In my mind virtualenv in Python is used for separating system-level python libs from project-level. This is not a problem in Erlang/Elixir because of project is acts like "virtualenv" and rebar or mix installs dependencies in it.