TeamCity显示来自快照依赖关系的更改(TeamCity show changes from snapshot dependencies)


构建B是快速运行测试,需要大约5分钟,B通过快照/ artifactory依赖关系使用A输出。





I have a TeamCity build (A) that does only checkout and msbuild steps and provides it's binaries as output to three other builds.

Build B is quick running tests, that take about 5 minutes, B uses A output through snapshot/artifactory dependencies.

Output from A is also used in two other build task which are long running tests and installer creation.

For now, when some tests in B fail, I don't see changes made to A from withing test job B (or c or D) which caused that fail.

Is possible to display changes made to build task A when displaying test results for task B. So we can easily see which changes have broken the build?

Right now it is also possible, but requires some more digging into TC buildlogs


在B中,转至版本控制设置 | 显示高级选项 | 检查显示快照依赖项的更改

这应该做到这一点。 (鉴于您的问题的标题与选项的名称相同,我想知道您是否已经知道此复选框,并且由于某种原因无法正常工作?)

In B, go to the Version Control Settings | Show advanced options | check Show changes from snapshot dependencies.

That should do it. (Given that the title of your question is identical with the name of the option, I wonder if you already know about this checkbox and it's not working for some reason?)