Android Google Navigations app:我可以编辑源代码吗?(Android Google Navigations app: can I edit the source code?)

我想为Android版谷歌导航应用添加一些小修改。 是否有我可以修改和重新编译的开源代码?

I want to add some small modifications to the Google Navigation app for Android. Is there open-source code for it that I could modify and recompile?


Navigation是Google Maps一部分,不是开源的。 所以,不,除了逆向工程,如果你真的需要的话,你不能做太多。 或授权GMaps(如果可能,不确定)。

Navigation is part of Google Maps and is not open source. So, no, you cannot do much about this, beside reverse engineering if you really in need. Or licensing GMaps (if possible, not sure).