Paypal Express结账可以预先填写结算信息[关闭](Paypal Express checkout make billing information prefilled [closed])

在使用curl使用paypal Express结账时,我们是否可以通过一些参数来制作“使用借记卡/信用卡付款”页面预先填写的姓名,姓氏,电话,城市等结算信息? 我在我的数据库中有所有这些细节,并且不希望用户再次在paypal付款页面上输入。

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While using paypal Express checkout using curl, can we pass some parameters to make the billing information like first name, last name, phone, city pre filled on the 'payment with debit card/credit card' page? I have all these details in my db and do not want the users to enter again on paypal payment page.



如果您使用的是RestAPI,则可以创建一个Web Experience配置文件,您可以在其中设置address_override

address_override integer“确定PayPal页面是否应显示此次调用中提供的送货地址,而不是此买家使用PayPal存档的送货地址。显示文件中的地址不允许买方编辑地址。允许值:0或1.当设置为0时,PayPal页面应显示文件上的地址。设置为1时,PayPal页面应显示此呼叫中提供的地址,而不是买方PayPal帐户中的地址。“



If you are using RestAPI you could create a Web Experience profile where you set the address_override

address_override integer "Determines if the PayPal pages should display the shipping address supplied in this call, rather than the shipping address on file with PayPal for this buyer. Displaying the address on file does not allow the buyer to edit the address. Allowed values: 0 or 1. When set to 0, the PayPal pages should display the address on file. When set to 1, the PayPal pages should display the addresses supplied in this call instead of the address from the buyer’s PayPal account."

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If you are using classic API there is something similar for the address override